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Hybrid weed is the result of a combination of two or more genetically dissimilar plants creating a new strain with specific characteristics from each. The term ‘hybrid’ originated from the combination of two or more plants of different species creating a new plant that has characteristics from each plant.

What is hybrid weed?

Hybrid plants are created by breeding two or more plants of different species (either naturally or artificially) hoping to get a superior strain with specific characteristics from each.

A lot of hybrid strains are made by crossing Indica strains with Sativa strains in order to get a plant that is short in stature and has the stronger body effects of an Indica stemming from its Indica parents, while still retaining the cerebral high characteristic of Sativa strains.

However, most hybrid strains don’t fall into either category but rather display characteristics that are completely new. As a result, you can have potent strains that have been bred to be short and bushy, strong, fast-acting strains and strains that retain the cerebral high. This is the reasons why hybrid strains are so popular.

In cannabis culture, hybrid strains were developed for years before advancing technology enabled us to genetically analyze the contents of cannabis DNA. As far as we know, no one can accurately document all of the world’s hybrid strains due to the vast amount of cannabis grown worldwide. But we can try to get an idea.

Different types of hybrids

There are three main types of hybrids: (1) F1 hybrids, which represent any offspring from a first-generation cross between two 'pure' parental types (e.g., a sativa-sativa cross); (2) F2 and beyond hybrids, which represent crosses between plants derived from an F1 cross; and (3) Backcross hybrids, which represent crosses between plants derived from an F1 cross and one of its parental types (e.g., a sativa-sativa cross).

Many farmers cross their favorite plants with other varieties in order to find new and exciting qualities their favorite plant may not have already. Farmers will cross seeds with different plants over years hoping to obtain specific qualities they desire – short body, strong structure and long term memory, etc. These are only some of the examples farmers look for. Most farmers won’t tell you what they were looking for when they created that specific strain but most farmers know what genetics are in their hybrid plants.

Most growers don’t care about a strain’s genetics. They just want to enjoy the high or effect the strain provides regardless of its background. But you should always be wary when purchasing your next strain because you never know what you are getting yourself into. You can purchase fake seeds or seeds that were not what the seller claimed them to be making it very difficult for you, as a consumer, to know exactly what you are putting into your body.

Benefits of hybrid cannabis

If you are looking for a strain that will provide you with physical effects – pain relief, anxiety relief, etc – then you may want to try a hybrid strain that offers both physical and mental effects by increasing blood flow throughout your body and increasing your energy levels while keeping your mind focused on whatever task at hand may be at hand. Hybrids typically offer users a combination of mental and physical effects depending on what the farmer was looking for when creating the strain. And there is nothing wrong with that! It all depends on what your needs are when consuming cannabis!

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