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Beyond THC content, cannabis has many other compounds that provide various benefits. If you want to get the best experience from your cannabis, you should look for AAA cannabis. That stands for ‘top shelf,’ and it is a term used to describe the best quality cannabis available.

You will get more for your money, and you will have a better experience every time. Here is what to look for if you want the best experience from your marijuana.

What Is AAA Cannabis Bud?

The term AAA cannabis bud has become popular with dispensaries, but you will also see it in the medical community. The extra A means something important, and that is that this is the best medical grade medical marijuana available. That means it contains more of the active ingredients that make marijuana such an amazing plant.

If you want to develop a relationship with a dispensary, start by asking them about their AAA cannabis bud options. Ask them how they measure the THC, CBD and other active medicines in their products. Ask if they test each batch or if they test each individual plant.

You want to know that you are getting the best value for your money, and that means you need to understand the formula. You need to know that you are getting the most medicine for your money. If the dispensary can’t tell you how they measure active ingredients, then you should probably keep looking.

Active Ingredients for AAA Bud

There are many active ingredients in cannabis, and you should look for as much of these as possible. THC is certainly an important ingredient, and it is one that is closely monitored by dispensaries and states with legal marijuana access. THC gives that high feeling that people enjoy about marijuana.

CBD is another important ingredient in cannabis. It has been studied for its therapeutic benefits and found to be effective at treating pain, anxiety, seizure control and much more. CBD doesn’t create a high feeling and may actually counteract some of the THC high. That means you will feel more alert and less drowsy in some cases. CBD is a great alternative to anti-anxiety medications and drugs that cause drowsiness.

Other Ingredients in AAA flower

You should look for other important ingredients like myrcene, terpenes, limonene and more. These are important because they can change the effect of your cannabis. For instance, if you want a sedative effect, look for strains that have higher levels of myrcene and pinene. Pinene has also been found to help with memory function so you get a double whammy with this terpene. (1) Other studies have found that limonene can increase the absorption of other forms of medication so again this is another ingredient to watch out for. (2) You will get a lot more out of your medication if you find a strain with these types of active ingredients. Try starting with strains that have higher levels of terpenes because those are some of the most effective for changing the feeling of your cannabis experience.

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