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Jet Fuel Gelato cannabis is a wonderous cross of Gelato 45 x (High Octane OG x Jet Fuel G6), producing delightfully balanced hybrid effects. Gorgeously vibrant buds of green are uninterrupted by oranges or purples, exhibiting only varying hues of virescence. Absolutely coated in resinous trichomes, Jet Fuel Gelato marijuana will adhere to your grinder unless you let it air out a little first. We have to admit, Jet Fuel Gelato cannabis is probably the smoothest strain we’ve ever had, on both inhale and exhale; if you didn’t have a lit joint in your hand, you wouldn’t know you were smoking at all. Light this strain up and let it fuel your daytime activities, mutating the mundane into adventure and the adventurous into fantasy.

Best Use
The perfectly balanced hybrid, Jet Fuel Gelato marijuana is both Yin and Yang, finding cosmic harmony between Indica and Sativa, becoming two complementary forces instead of opposing extremes. Coming on easy, Jet Fuel Gelato cannabis leaves your body super chilled and relaaaaxed while your mind stays functional and alert, allowing you to stay social and present. Your mind will speed up as your body will slow down, creating a perfect environment for creativity as it enforces an overwhelming sense of positivity, joy and hopefulness. Perfect for any time of the day, Jet Fuel Gelato marijuana leaves you with only the mildest cottonmouth, making it a perfect strain for on the go.

With a beautifully gassy bass note, Jet Fuel Gelato cannabis is cut through with sweet and berry notes, very apparent towards the end of the exhale. Less pungent than the average strain, Jet Fuel Gelato marijuana is delightfully fruity and subtle. Notes of blueberry and very subtle hints of lemon are accompanied by a creamy dessert flavour.

A potent balanced Hybrid, Jet Fuel Gelato cannabis is best smoked in moderation by newer users.

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