Origin: In Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey, cannabis indica is a natural plant. The plants have adapted to the Hindu Kush mountains’ frequently arid, unstable environment.

Plant description: The short, stocky indica plants have thick, broad leaves that are covered in bushy foliage. They generate more buds per plant, and they grow more quickly than sativa.

Typical CBD to THC ratio: While the CBD concentration in indica strains is frequently higher, the THC amount isn’t necessarily lower.

Commonly associated effects of use: The highly calming qualities of indica make it popular. Additionally, it could lessen pain and nausea while enhancing appetite.

Daytime or nighttime use: Indica is best used at night since it has great relaxation effects.

Popular strains: Afghan Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Hindu Kush are three well-liked indica varieties.

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Indica is a term used to describe varieties of cannabis that have a strong sedative effect, good for treating pains and muscle spasms as well as insomnia. As opposed to sativa, indica are characterized by shorter, broader, denser plants with fat leaves and often with dark colors. The buds are dense and full of resin.

What is indica flower?

The term indica ultimately comes from the national medical cannabis program of India where these varieties were first registered in ancient times, but there are many other theories and hypothesis that try to clarify the characteristics of indica cannabis varieties.

1. Adapted to a colder environment

Several researchers have tried to explain this characteristic, but one of the most accepted theories is that the short flowering time of Cannabis varieties are a mechanism developed to adapt to a colder environment. In temperate regions where winter is long and cold, it would be difficult to have time to mature if the plant took 9 or 10 months to be ready for harvest. Therefore, these plants have adapted with a shorter cycle so that even if the weather does not allow to mature before cold arrives, at least the harvest has been completed before this season starts. This allows populations inhabiting these regions to collect seeds before cold arrives, store them and eat them when winter arrives . It is said that this same principle works in areas near the Himalayas mountains where there is also a large difference between day and night temperatures. (Source: Journal of Applied Botany and Biotechnology 82 (4): 313–323)

2. Sedative effects

Sedation is one of the most well-known effects when consuming cannabis indica varieties. From the beginning, this characteristic has been considered important for therapeutic uses due to the desire that people have for sleep or calmness when consuming this plant. It is said that pure sativa varieties can cause anxiety and paranoia while indica has proven itself useful in the treatment of insomnia and other disorders related to restlessness.

3. Slow reactions

In addition to sedation, other effects observed in some consumers are torpor or depression. Due to this effect on the CNS, many use indica for pain management and for neuro-muscular diseases such as multiple sclerosis or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The feeling of being weighed down or slowed down are also some of the sensations noticed when consuming cannabis varieties of this type.

4. Analgesic effects – pain relief

The analgesic effect of many cannabis varieties has been noted since ancient times as it is also in modern times when consuming medical cannabis. But it has been observed that it is mainly in cases of painful muscles spasms and chronic discomfort that these varieties exert their greatest pain relieving action. This is another characteristic used in the treatment of various diseases associated with painful sensations. (Source: Journal of Neuroimmunology 124 (1-2):193–200)

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