AAAA Jungle Apples by Jungle Boys (Best herbal Stress relief, Indica)

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With this outstanding strain, you’ll feel as if you’re flying across the Milky Way! Jungle Apples, an extremely dank craft strain made by skillful growers at British Columbia Weed growers, was created by crossing two most love strains of marijuana Indica and Sativa and both of them are equally dominant here. It is hybrid that provides a really heavy and sedated high that is deserving of a spot on our Top Collection! of Growhouse. This is definitely a party weed, you can have this with your friends and feel a good chilled high.

Why it is called the natural remedy for anxiety

After only a few minutes, you’ll feel a surge of happiness and a soaring exhilaration rush over you, washing away any negativity or anxieties as you reach a state of satisfaction and relaxation. This is frequently accompanied by a small tingling buzz, indicating an impending full-body high that only deepens into deeper and deeper relaxation that is why it’s called a natural remedy for anxiety. There is an overpowering peacefulness that softly settles you down into a drowsy, sedated condition, leaving you in couch bound tranquillity as your mind rips into new frontiers of space. Its sedative properties make it ideal for treating or alleviating chronic aches and physical diseases such as arthritis, muscular spasms, cramps, and migraines. Its mood-lifting properties also benefit in the treatment of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

Specification of AAAA Jungle Apples by Jungle Boys



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